Welcome to the IGCSE Summer Blog for BUPS/BIS (soon to be BLIS) students leaving Grade 8 and entering into Grade 9.

This blog is your guide to your summer assignment: 12 Variations

Over the course of the next few weeks you will be completing 12 different art pieces based around one object of your choosing. This blog will provide you with examples and links to help you with each variation. On average you should aim to complete two variations per week. You will need a sketchbook dedicated to the project. Heavy weight paper is the best.

Your variations are due on the first day of Grade 9 IGCSE Art
in September. Good luck and have fun!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

#7 - Skratt, Léon in Line

This was the easiest variation to do, I draw like this all the time. This portrait is based on the same photograph that I used for variations 1, Léon Silverbeard and 6, the stencil. It is interesting to see how one photograph can produce 3 very different depictions depending on the idea behind them. Drawing with line in this way is very evocative of Art Nouveau and also Scandinavian print design around the 1950's. Art Nouveau was defined by flourishes and plant shapes, especially vines being worked into the imagery.

Sharon Lacoste McDonagh, Skratt, 2009
Ink & Pencil on Paper 15 x 10 cm