Welcome to the IGCSE Summer Blog for BUPS/BIS (soon to be BLIS) students leaving Grade 8 and entering into Grade 9.

This blog is your guide to your summer assignment: 12 Variations

Over the course of the next few weeks you will be completing 12 different art pieces based around one object of your choosing. This blog will provide you with examples and links to help you with each variation. On average you should aim to complete two variations per week. You will need a sketchbook dedicated to the project. Heavy weight paper is the best.

Your variations are due on the first day of Grade 9 IGCSE Art
in September. Good luck and have fun!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

#5 - Léon at Baie Sainte Marguerite, an Abstract

Sketchbook prep for Variation 5

Variation #5 is an abstract painted in exactly the same way that I taught you this year. I took a picture that I liked (you can see it on the sketchbook page) and I started to simplify the forms. As you can see the photograph was already quite abstract and so much of my work was already done for me. However, what you do not see here is that my first painting was a disaster, the colours were all wrong, the shapes too strict, it was quite awful. I painted this picture 3 times, which you might think is strange for something so simple looking, but I think that you know, simple looking is not easy to accomplish. I like the final piece. It feels true to the original idea and the colours work. It is a great portrait of Léon too.

Sharon Lacoste McDonagh, at Baie Sainte Marguerite, 2009
Acrylic on Paper 10 x 10 cm